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May 15, 2013



i hardly ever do swatches, although i probably should. and great job doing something out of your comfort zone... i hardly ever do that either. lol i probably should. :)

tulips grow faster

Thank you! I almost didn't even do the swatch to get my stitch gauge, but everyone in my knitting group was doing it, so I figured I would. I pretty much always knit to gauge, so I wasn't worried. Now I know that I need to fully gauge when knitting sweaters!


Beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished product!

tulips grow faster

I can't either! Haha!


This is why I am scared of sweaters. I hate swatching. I avoid it like the plague.

tulips grow faster

Oh gosh, don't be afraid of sweaters! The first sweater I did, I did not swatch. However, that sweater was done on a needle and yarn I was used to using, so I knew my gauge already. I don't swatch on the small things, hats, gloves, baby knits, because I know that *usually* my gauge is just fine. If you're going to spend all the time and money that goes into an entire sweater, a 4x4 square isn't so bad. Sweaters are so much fun though!


oh my, i am so proud of you! tackling lace. it really isn't hard at all, and yet so lovely. measure yourself, keep those measurements on hand, then you can measure as you go along, if your stitches per inch are accurate. a lesson i had to learn too. hugs!

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