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May 22, 2013


Aunt Marie

I am not knitting or crocheting but I AM always doing a lot of reading. Just finished a new novel called "House Girl" about slavery, the deep South, and secrets. It was a good read!


I think that is the perfect solution. I doubt anyone will ever know. Love the color of the neverending cardi!!


Perhaps you'll get lucky like I did. I finished my (first ever) sweater just before a random week of hot weather, but luckily mother nature was looking out for me and lowered the temperature for another week so I could wear it :)

I hope it all works out! It seems like you've got a reasonable plan.

tulips grow faster

Lots of reading is a good thing! That sounds very interesting!

tulips grow faster

Thank you! Yellow is my favorite. This is our Sweater Club sweater and when everyone else had picked their yarns, this is what was left for me. It was perfect!

tulips grow faster

Thank you! I'm hoping it stays cool a bit longer. I still need a coat if I go out in the early morning, so I'm hopeful!


That is a pretty yellow for your cardi. Hope the new yarn solve the headache.
Pretty pattern.


LOVE that sweater! Sorry it's been such a challenge but think about how much joy you will get from it once it's done.

I'm thinking even your mama would enjoy a sweater like that. You know, now that you've figured out all the craziness of it all?!? (wink, wink)

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